Looking forward to get a magical Advertising secret!

With digitalization, everyone needs a SILVER BULLET for promotion, whether he owns a company or a small business. Here are few simple ways to promote your business online and engender a massive amount of attention:

Utilize big local listing services:

  • Google places: You can register your business with Google Places, so that your location is visible on Google Maps. You only need to fill a form and register your company, and then google will verify your details with confirmation process.
  • Yahoo! Local: Yahoo also owns a huge database of businesses. You can also register into this and thus locate yourself on electronic media.
  • Microsoft’s Bling: This is another local listing platform which provides similar services as of Google and Yahoo! It is pretty easy to sign up with Bling and get located on Internet.

Grab attention with Social media network: With Social Networking Sites, you can gain attention online. You can promote your business and products to those who are in your friend list or to public as well. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. are some of the most popular Social networking sites where you can grasp attention and hence promote online.

Start blogging: Blogging is another easy way to make a direct connection to your customers and have feedback on your products or creation. Writing Blogs for you and your company can produce a huge amount of attention hence your company gets promoted.

Post multimedia advertisements online: You can promote your Company by posting promotional videos on YouTube. Flickr, on the other hand, allows you to compile all the photos and link it back to your Company Website.

Make use of SEO for your Company website: Additionally, Search engine optimization is a smart technique to promote your Company and products. You can appoint a professional for SEO or do it yourself for publicizing your products and ideas.

Press releases: Shoot off a press release, whenever something worthy happens in your Company. These powerful media tools help you to spawn publicity. You can also use websites like PRLog or 24/7 Press Release for the same.

Join online communities: You can reach every corner of the world with related communities online. You only need to actively contribute to these communities and build a bond, while keeping your business aside. But, at the same time, you can promote your Company passively in these communities, by adding link to your company website with your Signatures.

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