A plan to make INDIA a Digital Nation by The Narendra Modi – Prime Minister of India by the end of year 2019.

Aim: This campaign aims to create a digitally empowered nation and knowledge economy.

Vision: The Digital India campaign is centered on 3 key areas rendering the Department of Information Technology and Electronics. These are:

  • Providing digital infrastructure as utility to common man
  • Providing governance and services as per demand
  • Empowering the Indian citizens digitally

This includes internet as a care utility, mobile phones and bank accounts for all the citizens so that they can make transactions electronically, enabling cashless services in real time. Also this includes universally accessible credentials of every citizen of India through digital lockers.

Listed below are the nine pillars of Digital India:

  1. Public internet access
  2. Broadband highways
  3. E-governance
  4. eKranti
  5. Jobs in IT
  6. Early harvest
  7. Electronics manufacturing
  8. Knowledge and information for every citizen
  9. Universally accessible phones

To make this campaign a reality, The Government has started working on it. Just take a look what has been done till date to make India a Digital Nation:

  1. in: According to the PM, e-governance is the need of the hour. For this, mygov.in named website has been launched on 26/07/2014 so that each and every citizen of India may participate in its governance.
  2. gov.in: The government employees of India are known for their lazy work style. With this website, one can track the government employee attendance online with the help of newly installed Biometric Attendance System.
  3. New e-ticketing platform: The newly launched IRCTC website is fully loaded with enhanced features for booking capacity of 7,200 tickets/ minute. This will help to book tickets easily in no time.

Few applications have also n=been launched to make Digital India program a reality. Few are listed below:

  • IRCTC connect: This app allows its user to book tickets, check the reservations, train routes and many more.
  • Karnataka Mobile governance: The users of this app can pay bills, property tax, apply for driving licenses and fill IT returns etc.
  • Incredible India: This app focusses on tourism of India and one can easily access the information on Ministry of Tourism.

Apart from these apps the government is has started .bharat as a domain to enhance the reach of internet to every nook and corner of the country.


However, the Indian Government has started many new projects to empower the Nation digitally but still this is a very long way and there are many challenges in the road of success of this ‘Digital India Program’.

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