Search Engines like Google, Bling, and Yahoo! etc. are becoming intelligent these days. And when you publish a website or post on World Wide Web, you want that to be searched and ranked high. Here are few tips and tricks using WordPress which can be used to make your website eye-catchy!

1. Content is the key: Content is the master for any website or post as it contains keywords and relevant information. While writing the content for your website or post, you need to consider few things like:

  • Using keywords wisely
  • Write Understandable and easy content
  • Focus on the audience and not search engine

2. Backlinks trafficking: You can use this trick by linking your page or content to relevant sites with high rank in search engines. But make sure not to link if there is no relation between your content of the website or post and the linked website.

3. Relevant naming of image files: Search engine considers both the text and images of the post while crawling. You should name the image relevant to your topic and also you can use keywords for the same to promote your website.

4. Include keywords in permalinks: Make your website’s or post’s permalink concise and crisp, keeping this in your mind that only first four words are relevant in your permalink.

5. Make use of SEO themes: while deciding your website theme on WordPress, consider the theme which contains less coding as the theme with more coding, may contain less keywords. This may determine the ranking of your website.

6. Generate Sitemap in Xml: You can generate sitemap in XML using WordPress or Google plugins. You can also use some other tools for your website like Webmaster Central and Website Optimizer.

7. Avoid black hat techniques: Do not play tricks with smart and intelligent search engines like Google. Using Black hat techniques is a punishable offense to promote your website. So try to stay away from these kinds of tricks.

8. Promote on Social networking sites: You can make use of social media to promote your website or post. This way you can publicize it online and that too free of cost.

9. Circumvent the use of Flash: Since Flash is virtually invisible to the search engines. Try not to use it and rather you can use WordPress for the same.

10. Draw special attention to keywords and informative content: As discussed earlier, content is the key of your website. Highlight the informative content, headings etc. which contain keywords and relevant information. This trick is also helpful to promote your website.

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