Toolset has recently launched a “Custom Types Training” course for their users to know important techniques which could help them save time and produce better results. 

This course is mainly focused to let the users know about the power of “Custom Types”.

After going through this course, a basic user can progress to intermediate and then to advanced level.

What’s in the Course ?

This course consists of 5 chapters.

Check below in depth, what is covered in each of them:

What are Custom Types and how they work?
Creating Custom Post Types
  •  When and why you should use custom types
  •  How to create custom post types
  •  How to create custom fields
  •  How to create custom taxonomies
Displaying Content Types
  • How content is displayed in WordPress
  • Designing templates for single posts
  • Designing archives
  • Creating Custom Lists of Content
Connecting Different Types of Content
  • Easily building advanced sites by connecting different types of content
  • Different kinds of post relationships
  • How to connect different post types
  • Displaying Related Content
Creating Custom Searches
  • When and why you should use custom searches
  • How custom search works
  • How to create a custom search


It is free for Toolset Clients. If you’re not (yet) using Toolset, then you can buy their course separately (it costs $29 USD).


This course is helpful for WordPress Developers / Freelancers who wants to enhance their development skills as by going through this course, they will be able to build many complex web applications using Toolset in short span of time.

Let me know your thoughts about Toolset and if you need assistance in using it, you can write your comments below.

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