Wp-Types Toolset Certified Consultant

I have been working with Toolset since last 4 years and have extensive knowledge in all the components of toolset. I have built almost all types of websites using Toolset and also have inbuilt frameworks and toolset components which is robust and can be used again.

How can I help you?

Toolset has lots of amazing features to build your projects and probably you know all about them but lacking a proper approach or strategy to implement them efficiently. The ways I can help you is by

  • Strategizing a clear plan and flow in implementing Toolset for eg Custom Post types, Parent and child relationships, etc.
  • Building custom functions and shortcodes to hook with Toolset components.
  • Writing custom Jquery and javascript to enhance the functionality as required.
  • Speed up the website for better rating in Google page insights.

Check below some of my toolset related projects

Toolset / Memberpress Integration project

This was the issue my client reported to me

Hi Amrinder,

I have an issue on a website I built for a client that uses Toolset & Memberpress. I am using Memberpress to manage the Memberhip aspects of the site and Toolset to manage the display of the directory of members.

Memberpress generates a secondary user role based on the users membership type. With the help of the Toolset support I was able to display this on the directory using a custom code snippet they gave me (See Screenshot: https://cl.ly/9993c28c8816). You can see this directory here where I have used the shortcode to output the membership role: https://www.wacn.global/licenced-coaches/ (eg: ‘win-coach’ would be the Memberpress membership role).

My client now wants to be able to filter the directory by this membership role and also to display an icon instead of the name. This is the part I cannot do.

Is this something you could help with?

It was a pleasure working with Amrinder to resolve a software integration issue for a client project. It can be hard to find someone you can trust to outsource elements of a project to but I can highly recommend Amrinder. His service was quick, efficient and his communication was excellent. I look forward to working with him again on future projects. Poppyvine Web Design
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Directory Website

The client needed a directory / listing website and it involved building Parent Child Relationships which i implemented using Toolset. The end result was more user-friendly than what it was before and it looked easier to manage the website now than it was before on Expression Engine.

Amrinder is the real deal - professional, talented, helpful, diligent. He's a genuinely nice fella who really cares about the end result being the right solution. Please don't hire him though, as that will mean he has less time for my projects! - Lee Stoker, UK
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Showcase the work with Rating Features using front end publishing

The client wanted the users to showcase the work themselves after buying the 3D Animation from its website. This would have removed the hassle of doing all this himself.

I used the power of toolset to do front end publishing and created a form for users to showcase their work and then submit it to then get approved by the client. After it is approved, it was shown on the website with an option to rate the work done by other users.


Amrinder has been everything you need when you hire a service: clear, helpful, kind, efficient and fast. - Sergio Jimenez, Spain
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Started: August 28, 2017 Completed: September 30, 2017 Need Similar Functionality ?
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